The Indians of Peru were the first to cultivate the potato, over 4,000 years ago

Many potato facts say that Europeans, including the Irish didn't accept the potato when it was first introduced in Europe in the 1500's. Many Europeans claimed that potatoes carried a wide variety of diseases. They also didn't accept the potato because it's never mentioned in the Bible.

The name "Potato" is derived from the Indian word "Batata".

Sir Walter Raleigh introduced the potato to Ireland in 1585.

Potatoes didn't become popular in Europe until Marie Antoinette wore a crown of Potato blossoms in the 1700's.

Potatoes were first introduced to North America in 1621, when Virginia received a shipment of them from Bermuda.

"French Fries" were introduced to the U.S. in 1802 when Thomas Jefferson served them at a White House Dinner.

The "Irish Potato Famine" started in 1845, when fungus attached the potato crops in Ireland.


The name "Potato" is derived from the Indian word "Batata".


I'm all about that great potato experience!

Learn about me, my scrumptious tater products, and how to find me.

We have it all in different shapes from fries, twister, crinkle, criss-cut, puffs and chips.

Our deliciously flavored potatoes and sweet potatoes are the latest craze in town. You don't want to be left behind and be a couch potato.

Come on --- taste the fun, zest the exciting flavors and crispiness of our potato snacks … freshly made before your eyes.

The love for potato inspired us to introduce Mr. Popo Potato – "The fun and healthy potato snacking experience".

We simply want to share our delicious and distinctive creations that come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and exciting flavors.

The excitement continues, as we are also introducing – Sweet Potatoes in the menu. The must-taste irresistible, highly nutritious, and delectable creations made from finest Yam – flavored with our exclusive spices, truly another kind of potato goodness for everyone!

It is our commitment to provide outstanding flavors and healthy ingredients that meet the highest quality and nutritional standards to our customers. The passion to give you the best taste of potato translates to the quality of the products we offer. Indeed, Mr. Popo Potato will make you experience the frills and thrills of eating your delectable potatoes in various ways.

What Makes It Great

Potatoes are good for Everyone!

It contains almost all the nutrients that our body needs which includes high in fiber, potassium and low fat. They are in rich in carbohydrates, which makes them a good source of energy. Mr. Popo Potato serves only premium grade potatoes and sweet potatoes cut into the right length and width giving you the perfect potato snacking experience.

We cook your favorite potato using the better-for-YOU oil.

Mr. Popo Potato uses only 100% zero trans-fat oil. Even guilty pleasures can be healthful with the right cooking method. We cook your spuds using only high grade equipment that suit best to our cooking method thereby giving you exceptional quality of potato goodness in every bite.

True Potato lovers know the undeniable unique taste of our distinct flavors to satisfy healthy potato cravings.

With Mr. Popo Potato --- Indulge yourself to a guilt free potato snacking experience.

Watch out for Mr. POPO POTATO special treats. Our way of saying thank you for being such a valued customer.

Main Selection

French Fries

Get into the fun with our popular snack, no other than the classic French Fries. Potatoes which are cooked before your eyes, flavored with your choice, served hot and fresh. Makes you wanna ask for more!

Twister Fries

Experience the loops and hoops of our twisted curly fries, perfectly fried and neatly served for your own indulgence of fun!

Criss-Cut Fries

Not your conventional potato snack, but its crisps and crazy cuts will make you mad for more.


Ridges cut fries makes the best heap style in potato. A little zigzag excitement makes you wanna ask for more and more.

Potato Chips

Thinly sliced, fried and seasoned in your favorite flavor, we can say we have the genuine potato crisps, different from what you get from popular potato chip brands!

Potato Puffs

Kids and kids-at-heart will surely love this perfectly fried and puffed potato. The crispy crust and heavenly tender filling is just right for your favorite flavor and dipping.

Add orange to your meal. Try the Sweet Potato goodness!

Sweet Potato Criss-Cut Fries

This sweet potato cut offers natural sweet flavor, more expansive surface crisped all the way for your perfect and pleasurable snacking experience. Truly, once tasted always wanted!

Famous Sweet Potato Puffs

Why famous? Because it's a favorite! Its irresistible puffy goodness will make you want more. These unique and flavorful puffs are perfectly sized for enjoyment in every bite.

Sweet Potato Fries

Go healthy and grab the delicious and naturally flavored sweet potato! It has a light, sweet distinctive taste, cooked to a perfect crunch.

Main Selection

Chili Criss-Cut Fries

Specialty criss-cut fries topped with beef chili, and shredded Jack and cheddar cheeses. Eat these fries and you wont stop until your plate is empty .. its really good.

Nacho Criss-Cut Fries

Your favorite nacho snack on criss-cut fries. Topped with nacho cheese sauce and salsa. This delicious fries will surely thrill your taste buds.

Crinkle Bacon Melt

Your favorite ridges crinkle-cut fries topped with yummy melted cheese, sour cream and sprinkled with bacon bits.

Kiddie Meal Combo / Chicken Tenders Combo

Chicken Tenders

Juicy, marinated, crispy chicken tenders that makes you crave for more and more match with your favorite dip, fries and drink.

Fab Flavors


Nothing is cheesier than our wizzy cheese flavor. Experience cheese and more cheese once you opt for this natural cheese flavor.


If you want a tangy taste of barbeque, this flavor is right for you. For people who cant get enough of grilled flavored, we guarantee you that this is what you are looking for!

Sour Cream

Sour and Creamy, this will make you love the potato snacks even more! The flavors rightly mixed will make you go gaga over our potato.

Chili Barbeque

Smoking hot that will make you scream in delight! Gigly Chili Barbeque is the flavor for people who want a spice in every bite.

Garlic Parmesan

Garlic Mania remains the best seller, as garlic mixed with parmesan cheese gives you a rich bold flavor.

Dips Delight

Your Mr. Popo Potato snacks will not be the same without our delightful dips to choose from ---

Any dip compliments the different variety of potato snacks and chicken tenders, so try it all.


We offer you variety of drinks that cool your thirst
Try Mr. Popo's favorite Strawberry Lemonade and Lemonade Drink. Using natural premium ingredients.

Mr. Popo Potato is committed to provide the best quality ingredients and customer services to our customers.

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